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Another thing about Black Crush is that 90 percent of members are black. One would assume that more than %7 of the site’s profiles would consist of other races, considering that other races are interested in meeting a black partner. Also serving as a detriment to the site’s legitimacy is that most of the attributes in member profiles are marked “Does Not Matter,” meaning there is little to find out about these people (again, unless you pay to find out more), and the website doesn’t have any social media accounts to address these concerns (for good reason, probably).

Registering for Black Crush is too quick and easy. There is nothing unexpected about the sign-up process, except that the images shown prior to signing up are of non-nude users and when registered and logged in, 80 percent of images are nudes. The other 20 percent of members are dressed provocatively, something you’d expect a stripper to wear after their shift.